Travel Inspiration for the Outlander Fan

In honor of the premiere of Season 3 of one of my favorite shows of all time I decided to focus my next post of the locations of the Outlander series! I am going to highlight some iconic filming locations used in the television show as well as some memorable locations mentioned in the books. This amazing show is based on the book series of the same name by Diana Gabaldon and follows an English combat nurse named Claire who accidentally travels back in time from the 1940s to 1740s Scotland. If you like the literature genres of fantasy, historical fiction and/or romance you will LOVE this story! I seriously encourage you to check it out. And for those of you who are already as hooked as I am, I hope you enjoy this post and the new season, which just came back this past weekend! Happy travels!

*Sorry in advance that there may be minor spoilers ahead. Any spoilers are likely to be location based and I will do my best not to give away any major plot points.*


The travels of any Outlander fan would not be complete without a trip to Scotland! The culture and history of this beautiful place serve as the main backbone and provide key plot points for the story. From sweeping landscapes to historic castles, here are my top suggestions for Outlander related spots in Scotland.


  1. Home to Clan Mackenzie, Castle Leoch is one of the main settings for season and book 1. The real counterpart to this fictional castle can be found in Stirling, Scotland. The impressive Doune Castle was built in the 14th century and serves as a perfect location for Outlander to come to life. 

  2. You can also see how the more common citizen lived during the 18th century in Scotland by visiting the Highland Folk Museum. This is where many scenes that took place in the MacKenzie village were filmed. Opened in 1944 (which is close to the year Claire originally leaves when she travels back in time!) this open-air museum aims to show its visitors how Highland people once lived. 

  3. Rannoch Moor is the epitome of the Scottish Highlands landscape, making it the perfect setting for Outalnder’s stone circle Craigh na Dun. While the stones aren’t really there, you can still surround yourself with beautiful scenery reminscent of Jamie and Clarie’s adventures!
  4. While some of Outlander’s darkest moments occurred at Fort William, aka Blackness Castle, a trip to this location is sure to be on the list of many fans. This fortress was built in the 15th century and is open to exploration by visitors.
  5. If you want to reenact part of Outlander in your own life, look no further than Glencorse Old Kirk, the church where Jamie and Clarie were married in the show. This charming location is avaliable for wedding cermonies, but may otherwise be difficult to visit without prior arrangements with the property’s owner.
  6. Search for the Laird Broch Tuarach himself at Midhope Castle, beautiful ruins of a 16th century home which is used as Jamie’s home Lallybroch. While you cannot go inside this structure due to safety concerns, you can view this iconic location from the surrounding grounds.
  7. The last stand of the Jacobite rebellion that Jamie and Claire tried valiantly to prevent took place on the Culloden Moor. Today you can visit the site and learn more about the unfortuante, yet unforgettable, end of the Highland clans. Don’t forget to visit the stone commemorating Clan Fraser!


Season 2 of Outlander brings our favorite duo to the shores of mainland Europe. French society, hospitals, back streets of Paris, and more set the scene for new adventures and new characters. However, if you want to experience many of the familiar locations from Season 2 of Outlander in France, you may get to stay in Scotland or even spend some time in Prague!

  1. The first location I’d like to highlight is the L’Hopital des Anges where Claire spends quite a bit of time using her medical knowledge during the second book/season 2. Unfortunately, if you would like the whole experience, you will have to travel to two different countries! The exterior of the hospital was actually the Military Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Prague, while the interior was filmed in the crypt of the Glasgow Cathedral in Scotland.france4
  2. Some of the most memorable locations from the second installment of the Outlander tale are related to French royalty. Jamie and Claire embroiled themselves in society in order to try to stop the machinations of Prince Charles Stewart and the lavish locales of season 2 echo this change of pace. If you want to visit the library at Versailles Palace from the show, its back to Prague you go! The library of the Strahov Monastery takes the credit for this beautiful scene.

  3.  However, you can certainly enjoy the Parisian mood of season 2 in France itself! A visit to the actual Palace of Versailles will remind you of the extravagant fashions and trends of French society that Jamie and Claire experienced. If you would like to see the gardens where your favorite characters spent time while at the palace, look no further than the Drummond Castle Gardens in Scotland. These gardens are truly beautiful and date back to the time period when Outlander would have taken place!france9


    I had such a fun time looking into the locations that inspired and represented one of my favorite stories of all time! I didn’t want to give too much away, so I only focused on locations from the first two seasons/books for this post. With 7 more books in the series (and likely another on the way) I’d love to do another similar post in the future!

    Are you a fan of Outlander? Have you ever traveled anywhere that was related to a book, movie, or TV show you loved? Tell me in the comments below!


*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the picures in this post, all copyright to original sources.

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